InvestXE as Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

There are plenty of trading platforms available now in the market. Choosing the right one needs careful consideration of specific points like data safety, licensing of the exchange, ease-of-trading, etc. InvestXE provides all these exclusive features to traders.

Various Ways to Trade (buy/sell) Assets

Trading across the leading financial instruments have evolved from using brokerage accounts to find a suitable exchange. Speculating the price movements via CFDs across a wide range of brokers forms an integral part of trading, but nowadays, traders are finding it more suitable to buy or sell the underlying assets via an exchange.

An online trading platform allows traders to buy and sell crypto coins for conventional fiat money and various other asset classes. Unlike a traditional exchange, cryptocurrency exchanges operate in multiple ways; they can send cryptocurrency to the user’s cryptocurrency wallet or convert crypto balances into anonymous cards to withdraw money from crypto ATMs.

While some other digital currency exchanges are backed by real-world commodities such as yellow metal, Coinbase, Binance, Bithumb are some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges operating nowadays. Despite the manifold benefits, some countries do not allow cryptocurrency exchanges to operate in certain jurisdictions because regulators are confused about dealing with such types of businesses.

The main difference between CFD trading and trading via a cryptocurrency exchange is that CFD trading involves derivatives that enable speculations of cryptocurrency price movements without having to buy the underlying crypto coins. CFDs do not require ownership of the underlying crypto assets. Traders can go long or short when they think that the cryptocurrency price may rise or fall. For CFD trading of crypto coins, traders only need to deposit a small amount (known as margin) to gain full exposure to the underlying crypto market. CFDs being leveraged products magnify both the profits and losses arising out of the crypto trading.

Buying or selling cryptocurrencies via an online platform like InvestXE involves purchasing the coins themselves, contrary to cryptocurrencies’ CFD trading. For trading via an exchange, users need to create an account on that particular exchange, put up the full value of their preferred assets to open a position, and then store the crypto tokens in their respective wallets until they are ready to sell them.

The benefits of using an online platform are manifold. Let us see how InvestXE does justice to the traders in providing them manifold benefits:

  1. Online platforms are self-explanatory and have a user-friendly interface that brings in their learning curves to educate the traders about the technology involved in crypto trading. They have dedicated in-house analysts and personal trade assistants who are always ready to help traders whenever they face any trade-related issues. At InvestXE, the platform provides online trading courses to novice traders or seasoned ones to help them trade successfully. There are dedicated personal relationship managers assigned to every trader, who can be reached at any time of the day for ready trade solutions.
  2. At InvestXE, traders have the opportunity to trade multiple instruments apart from crypto coins. Traders can trade energy commodities (both renewable and non-renewable), soft commodities (cocoa, sugar, coffee, soybeans, etc.), currency options, precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, and platinum).
  3. Online platforms are compatible with any modern devices like tablets, iPhones, desktops, or even normal smartphones. Most of these exchanges have downloadable applications compatible with all these devices that do not require high-end appliances. Therefore, it does not matter whether you have a high-end device; you can still operate the crypto market via trading exchanges. InvestXE has compatible applications like Web Trader, MarketPro 1.0, iPhone app, Android app, and Tablet app that can be easily downloaded to all these devices.
  4. Some platforms give traders the liberty to choose the account types according to their trading objectives. At InvestXE, there are three account types available (Primary, Professional, and AutoXE), and the traders are free to choose anyone among these types.
  5. Every reliable platform is backed by a robust customer support cell to cater to the users’ trading needs. InvestXE has a 24/7 customer support team consisting of professionals who can be reached anytime through emails, phone calls, telegrams, WhatsApp, or even face-to-face communication.

Thus, the InvestXE trading platform has all the potential to become the future crypto trading platform. The platform already has millions of clients spread across the corners of the world. It gives the traders open access to more than 16000 markets, which helps the traders gain supreme control over their crypto trading abilities.

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