Sessia Uses Blockchain Social Marketplace

Sessia, a blockchain social network with offices in New York City, has announced that they are offering a unique social marketplace that serves as a new way for businesses to connect with customers. Sessia employs blockchain technology coupled with a social marketplace to enhance loyalty programs. It is the use of the cryptocurrency that offers several advantages, that make the marketing strategy unique and more effective.

Narek Sirakanyan, President of Sessia, explains,

“The current crypto revolution greatly simplifies contact between businesses and clients. Decentralization, along with the use of digital coins and smart contracts, opens up new opportunities for advertising campaigns, and produces better outcomes than conventional promotional methods.”

He adds,

“Sessia is a unique software solution for iOS and Android which helps businesses establish direct contact with their clients using the major advantages of blockchain technology.”

In Inc. magazine, interview with Narek Sirakanyan, he explained how Sessia came into being and how the system can help a business grow. He points out that the Sessia app is absolutely free and it is easy to set up the business with Sessia. Setting it up can actually be done in less than a minute. In effect, the business does not really pay anything because Sessia makes money by deducting 20% of the kickbacks or discounts that businesses provide for their customers.

Sessia is the first system for business on blockchain technology, that uses cashback and kickbacks. Consumers who use the Sessia app, can search for offline stores and businesses and then purchase products or services from them. Consumers who do so are rewarded with cashback, which is a certain percentage of the amount they have paid for a product or service.

In addition, consumers get kickbacks from the purchases made by their friends or family members, to whom they have recommended the business or store. What the Sessia app does is make it easy for consumers, to share their experiences about products or services because of its social network component. Specifically, the likes and comments of users, including their receipts, can be seen by their friends.

When asked about the percentage of cashback that stores or business establishments can offer, Narek explained that each business decides for itself the exact amount that can be provided to customers. He says,

“In our application, the owner, when registering in the business version of Sessia, sets his percentage of cashback, which he is ready to give to the client. Some small restaurants are willing to pay 15-20%. Large retailers like Auchan or Walmart may return only 1%.”

When asked about how they make money on Sessia, Narek explained,

“We deduct 20% from the client’s cashback, but not from the business. Roughly speaking, if you ate food amounting to $10, your cashback from the restaurant will be $1 and we withhold 20%, that is, 20 cents is our income. The client will receive 80% of their cashback, and we will receive 20%. Business, it turns out, does not pay anything extra.”

A user of the Sessia app automatically becomes a member of the Sessia loyalty program, when making a purchase using it. The user is then rewarded immediately with cashback. Also, after making a purchase, a user scans the QR code and the check is automatically published on the Feed for Sessia social network. This Feed can be seen by friends and may encourage them to make a similar purchase, for which the user will then be rewarded with kickbacks.

The Sessia system is secure and safe because it utilizes blockchain technology, which makes a record of all transactions, cashbacks, and kickbacks. All of that information is stored safely with blockchain technology, which protects the system from hacker attacks. Just like other social networks, users are free to invite other people to Sessia. And when a user invites another person, both of them automatically subscribe to each other’s posts, making it easy for users to get kickbacks.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Sessia system can visit their website or contact them through the phone or via email. They may also want to check out the Sessia Google Play page, where they can download and then install the app.

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