Former CFO of WYG Plc

The National Nuclear Laboratory is one of the most important institutions in the United Kingdom and today, it announced an important appointment to the board. The NNL announced that it has appointed the former CFO of WYG Plc, Iain Clarkson as a new member of its board. He will serve in a non-executive capacity. WYG is involved in project management and tech consultancy, which is why the appointment makes a certain degree of sense. The NNL is controlled by the government and involved with the full gamut of nuclear technology services. In addition to his role at WYG, Clarkson had also been at Amec Foster Wheeler’s clean energy arm in the capacity of a finance director.

He has served in the same capacity at some other companies as well. Perhaps the most notable is his stint at Westinghouse Electric Company, which is a worldwide provider of nuclear technology. However, his expertise lies in finance and the appointment of a financial industry heavyweight suggests that NNL is now looking to allocate its budget far more intelligently. The Chief Executive of the NNL, Paul Howarth expressed his delight at the appointment of Clarkson and stated how he would help the institution. Howarth said,

“He [Clarkson] therefore combines both nuclear industry sector knowledge with financial and commercial experience covering both public and private sector organizations. At this exciting time for NNL’s development, Iain’s experience will be a most welcome addition.” 

While finance may be the Clarkson’s main skill, it is also important to note that he has industry-specific knowledge, having worked in the energy sector since 1996. That is a significant advantage in his favor and it would be interesting to see how his expertise helps the NNL. In addition to this appointment, Howarth also announced that Clare Flint had been reappointed to the board and will serve for another three years.

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