Bezos buys Warner Estate in Beverly Hills

The World’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has set yet another record by buying the most expensive home in Los Angeles. As per the sources, he has purchased the Warner Estate worth over 165 million USD from the famous music director, David Geffen. As of now, the Bel-Air estate holds the highest value in Los Angeles County that was sold at 150 million USD last year.

Bezos is likely to make this new estate his new home. It is believed to have its own pool, tennis court, and a golf course as well. The estate is a 9-acre plot and it is surrounded by huge hedges and a massive gate. It was initially built by the owner and founder of Warner Bros, Jack Warner, in 1920. Initially, the estate was not this big, and Jack had tactfully expanded the property.

Geffen bought the property at 47.5 million USD in 1990, and the property was of 13,600 square feet. There were two guest houses attached to the estate as well.

Jeff Bezos, post the most talked about divorce, has been screening new homes in Los Angles to stay with his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, and his target homes include almost every premium property above 100 million USD price tag.

It should be noted that Jeff along with his wife Mackenzie Bezos had earlier bought a home worth over 24 million in Beverly Hills.

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