Mitch Mcconnell to Discuss Cannabis Reforms in Meetings With Industry Administrators

Mitch McConnell, the Leader of Senate Majority and the oldest adversary of marijuana law reforms, is reportedly attending the meeting with Cannabis executives during his upcoming stint in California.

The meeting is considered to last a minimum of two days with industry executives of Cannabis, along with the small-businesses and proponents in South California. The agenda is rumored to be around prospective cannabis-linked reforms in banking. Some other topics besides this will also be discussed, say some sources within the industry. McConnell’s plan encompasses 2 cannabis-related dine-ins with administrators and advocates. One of the lunch will happen in California’s Newport Beach, and the other will be during a trip to one of the cannabis firms on the premises.

It is although unclear if McConnell’s schedule implies a reversal of his attitude towards reforms for cannabis banking, said the source. The Washington office of  McConnel failed to respond to many pleas for a statement.

I think this is absolutely positive that McConnell is meeting with stakeholders in the cannabis market. The U.S. market needs the banking act to flourish; without it — there are legitimate companies that are following the rules that are facing major obstacles. Banking -legislation would be a huge positive catalyst,” said PI Financial analyst Jason Zandberg.

The industry deputies will try to persuade McConnell towards the inherent necessity of the reform, given the current regime of legal affairs. The regime unjustly punishes companies that conform to the federal statutes, for instance, hemp farmers eliciting Cannabis for legal products, CBD, said a stalwart from the industry.

We’re happy to see that Leader McConnell is coming to see how a regulated market is an improvement over prohibition,” Right now the priority is banking, which affects [McConnell’s] constituents in the hemp and CBD industry, as well as legal cannabis businesses here in California. That’s really our primary ask — common-sense policies around banking and public safety, and we’re hopeful [McConnell] will see the need for that and move forward along with Chairman [Sen. Mike] Crapo,” said National Cannabis Industry Association executive director Aaron Smith in an interview.

The leader’s visit at the Golden State arrives much later to the Democratic House of Representative enactment of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. SAFE is sort of an ordinance attempted to give a strong clarity to banks as well as credit unions around working with cannabis firms that are eager to enable payment services for accounts, for example, payment of bills. As marijuana is illicit on the regulatory level, financial organizations can confront legal difficulties.

And cannabis firms, even the ones that use cannabidiol for legal products, can undergo banking problems.

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