Snapchats Thinks Of Permanent Photos

The Snapchat app which is used to share videos, text, photos, and drawings and is known for making the videos and photos disappear is thinking of making the photos stay longer or permanent according to inside sources. It is also considering incorporating changes in its app to display the profile of Snapchat users who make their posts public. These changes are an effort to ensure that the user continues to use the app and make the public content available outside of the app. It is also seen as a mode of new revenue generation for the cash strapped loss-making Snap which has seen its user base reducing.

Though Snap refused to comment on the changes they are making, it is thought that it has come in response to the feedback the company received from its partners. Snap announced last year that they have 4 new partners with news discovery platforms. Reuters and NewsWhip are two of them. Snapchat will help in spotting, analyzing and republishing the latest news. Snapchat initially would keep public stories for 30 days after which they were discarded, but now they are alive for 90 days. News organizations refused to embed Snapchat stories into their articles as the content would disappear after a stipulated time and others complained that Snapchat videos by anonymous users could not be verified, to address these issues Snapchat has come up with these changes. Internal sources also added that Snap is in talks with partners to make public posts last longer and to make celebrities content permanent.

Another reason for the company to make these changes is because the company is not making profits. The company’s stocks are under pressure and closed at 60% lower than its first public offering as investors are seeking answers on the plans to make it profitable. Snap’s revenue can be boosted if the user content is made publicly available as it is valuable to its partner and they could also earn more through advertising if snaps are available outside the Snapchat app and if it lasts longer.

Twitter one of the leading social media platforms in the world sells its tweets and public posts and has generated a revenue of $108 million in the third quarter. It says that its non-advertising businesses like the licensing of data are the company’s fastest-growing arm. It also sells its tweets which accounts to 500 million every day to news platforms, analytical data firms and other financial institutions that use it to get to know the latest trends and also to place advertisements.

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