U.S Deputy-level Meeting to be Held Regarding Huawei and China

On Thursday, a meeting was to be held with the US government officials to further discuss the restrictions on exports to Huawei and China; even though there are tweets from President Donald Trump opposing stringent limits on shipments of US products worldwide.

Further, the deputy-level meeting was initiated to discuss major issues which include new possible restrictions on the sale of chips to China’s blacklisted firm, Huawei Technologies; and further on the sales of aircraft components that are concluded with the Chinese aircraft manufacturer.

The policymakers are waiting for the cabinet-level meeting which was scheduled for February 28, while some officials are anticipating a tough battle on Huawei and China and others are centered on trades.

In a succession of comments and tweets from Trump to the reporters stated that national security concerns are quoted as a reason for US’ restrictions on Huawei and it should not be used as a reason to make it a problem for foreign countries to purchase US products.

Trump also declared that there is another proposal that would permit the US government totally to block the shipment of chips to Huawei from international suppliers that use the US equipment and that might be a big blow to Huawei firm.

Trump’s comments came after the weekend reports given by the news media stating that the government was taking into consideration to stop general electric from additionally supplying engines for the latest Chinese passenger jet.

Trump said recently that,

Things have been put on my desk that has nothing to do with national security, including chipmakers.

Huawei is the leading telecom supplier and manufacturer of phones. Recently, several countries have prohibited using Huawei’s networking equipment. Moreover, the company’s phones are apparently invisible in the United States despite its huge presence across the world.

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